Callander Weekend

DHC Blog for Callander weekend 30th September – 2nd October 2016

The walking party this weekend were: Tim, Gillie and Alan, Bob and Jane, Shona, Ali, Anna and Chris.

We all arrived at the Callander Hostel to find our travel agent had done a runner with the money! So after much expostulation at the hostel staff we all coughed up again. AND there was a jazz festival on in town!

The weather forecast was very favourable and it turned out to be a great sunny weekend, albeit rather damp under foot.

Friday 30th

Gillie and Alan met up with Tim at 11.15 to do Meall an t-Seallaidh. They had a great walk following the suggested route up the valley through the trees and then turned back up to the top. Fortunately they found a shorter way back via the rows of trees on the hillside. Ali did her own Corbett and Shona was off bagging a Graham. A great day out was had by all – the weather gradually improving as the day went on. Chris and Anna arrived in the evening and Bob and Jane eventually made it from Teeside having been caught up in traffic.

Saturday 1st October

We all gathered at breakfast to compare stories of fellow dorm users…. The men definitely didn’t get off lightly!!!! All except Bob did the same walk this day – Ben Ledi and Benvane, starting from the north end. We left two cars at the Corrieachrombie car park (tiny!!) and then joined the others at Ballimore. We had a great day with fantastic views and wonderful company.

We made good time despite stopping twice for lunch because someone who shall remain ageless forgot to eat at the first stop.

The route was quiet until we began the descent from Ben Ledi but we saw some wonderful rainbows but didn’t quite manage to get to the cars before it bucketed briefly.

In his bid to be fit for the Grampian challenge Bob went off and did four munros on his own: Ben More, Stob Binnein, Cruach Adrain and Beinn Tulaichean. Go Bob!

On the way to dinner at the Riverside Inn we saw a wonderful sunset from the bridge.

We ate to the sound of a blues band and were asked only once to keep our voices down. [ Chris - Since we got in to the pub for free, we made a small donation for the bands and were given a copy of the CD by the Linda Jaxson Band (first piece of communal DHC equipment!) I will pass it round - they were a lot better live though!].

Sunday 2nd October

Another breakfast gathering to discuss the night’s shenanigans – Tim had slept on the sofa downstairs and got a decent night’s sleep. We split into several groups: Tim, Jane, Alan, Gillie, Chris and Anna set off to conquer Beinn Each with Bob starting with us but then going on to do Ben Vorlich and Stuc A Chroin and we think we could see him on the latter when we are on Each!!! We waved but it was a long way away….. The group had a steep ascent so took another leisurely way down through the heather which was really good. Ali crept off really really early to join Moira on Ben Nevis and Shona disappeared equally early and just as quietly just after her, to other mountains.

It was a memorable weekend - the weather was truly wonderful, the walking was good and the company fantastic.

Some photos from Moira and Ali's expedition on Sunday to CMD arete and the Ben.


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