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Jane's Last Corbett on Arran - Goatfell

Saturday 22nd May

Late May 2021 and lockdown was just beginning to open up which allowed a few DHC members to travel across to Arran for the postponed climbing of Jane's last Corbett via Glen Sannox and the scrambly ridge.

We had a few wild, wet and windy days with occasional sun and hail which restricted our activities to short cycles and walks including to Huttons Uncomformity.

However, Saturday 22nd turned out to be a magnificent bright and sunny day so Susan, Katie, Sandy, Alan, Jeff, Bob and Jane set off from Glen Sannox for a fantastic outing traversing the entire ridge from north to south.

Althea chose to walk up the tourist path and was there to meet us at the summit.

1. Early morning at Lochranza campsite.

2. Just above the tree line with the start of the route in sight.

3. Getting interesting!

4. Early on the ridge and is that really a golf ball?

5. 2 lovely ladies and a lovely view.

6. The start of the slabs.

7. Wow, stunning views!

8. Enjoying the scrambling.

9. Weathered rock.

10. Oh those views!

11. The gang at the summit.

12. Family at the summit.

13. Alan chatting up the locals back at the campsite.

14. Barbecue in the evening sun.

A thoroughly enjoyable day!



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