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Inveraray Weekend

16th-18th September

I could just say that quite a few DHC members spent a wonderful weekend climbing a lot of mountains in mixed weather conditions and had some good food and company at Inveraray.

But…I think you’d feel short-changed if I left it at that, so here goes. This is a compilation of contributions from various folk so apologies if I’ve missed anything (NB decided to limit to Sat/Sun days only). The confusion of 2 Grahams and multiple Grahams doesn’t help.

A group of 12 DHC members namely, Chris, Bob, Jane, Ruth, Steve, David, Robert, Graham R, Graham N, Sandy, Alan and Gordon stayed in Inveraray Hostel. At the last minute Irene negotiated a deal with the hostel owner to park her campervan in the car park and use the facilities….and then we were 13. Perhaps unlucky for some…..!

On Saturday the Munro, Corbett and Graham baggers were out in force with 4 different walking groups being formed.

Alan, Irene and Graham drove to Lochgoilhead to climb Cnoc Coinnich (corbett). Chris and Bob parked at the Rest and Be Thankful car park to do an A to B walk taking in the 3 corbetts Ben Donich, The Brack and Cnoc Coinnich.

Bob on Ben Donich

Chris on The Brack

We waved at Alan descending the ridge of Cnoc Coinnich and later joined them in a busy pub in Lochgoilhead before all squeezing into Alan’s car for a lift back to Chris’ car. The weather was fine with extensive views but with some wind chill on the tops as was forecast.

Bob on Cnoc Choinnich

Group 3 comprised Graham, Sandy, Gordon, and Ruth attempting the three Lochgoilhead Grahams: Cruach nam Must, Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn and Beinn Lochain. Ruth takes up the story:

"We left the car at the southern end and planned to walk it north to south. On nearly reaching the top of our first hill we realised it had a trig point..... and there is no trig point on Cruach nam Mult! We were 2km further west on Cruach nan Capull! This was due to too much talking, not enough concentration and the fact that the landcover track had been extended, meaning the book's instructions of 'walk to the end of the landcover track' were no longer valid (pick your excuse!). Graham decided to head across to Cruach nam Mult and back to his car at the north. Meanwhile the rest of us decided we no-longer had time to do all three Grahams so headed directly for Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn. It has been remeasured and while it is still Graham height there is insufficient height drop to count as a Graham!!! So overall only one Graham was achieved for a very hard day's walk. However, we did have some nice views and great company. Jane did the same hills as our larger gorup but from a different start point giving here a much shorter day."

Steve, Graham, Ruth, and Gordon on the wrong hill!

Saturday’s group 4 was David and Robert who walked the Ben Cruachan horseshoe including Stob Garbh. Good walk along the ridge with some scrambling but there was cloud on the highest points.

David on Ben Cruachan

On Saturday evening the entire group of 13 had a very enjoyable dinner at the George Hotel. The place had a great atmosphere and the food and service were both excellent – comes highly recommended in my Tripadvisor review.

A misty, cloudy and damp Sunday morning dawned but DHC hill baggers were undaunted…mostly.

Chris and Graham N planned to climb Beinn Luibhean and The Cobbler starting from a layby on the A83 between both hills. However after summitting Beinn Luibhean in damp mist with no views we thought better of it and decided the leave the classic Cobbler for a fine weather day.

Graham N on Beinn Luibhean

Steve and Ruth successfully found the top of Cruach nam Mult, although it was rather wet with no views.

Robert and David cycled in and walked Beinn Bhuidhe. It was a pretty driech day and the cloud was down all day on the top. We used a new access road for a hydro scheme but it was very steep and required pushing the bikes but it did avoid a badly eroded path in the first kilometre out of the glen.

David and Robert on Beinn Bhuidhe

I know Bob and Jane climbed something somewhere on Sunday too!

An extremely active and enjoyable weekend was had by all. The Inveraray Hostel was comfortable and well run with many twin/double rooms and with shared facilities. Perhaps might benefit from 1-2 extra showers.


On Saturday Ruth, Steve, Gordon and I summited on Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn and Beinn Lochain after a navigation error meant that we missed the first intended Graham of Cruach nam Molt - Graham decided to reset and only climb this. Jane did the same hills as our larger group but from a different start point giving her a much shorter day.

On Sunday as it was wet and claggy at Inveraray I headed north to find better weather and walked a very short & easy Graham in Glen Ogle - disturbed an eagle near the top, flew off just in front of me. Ruth & Steve climbed Cruach nam Molt (the one we missed on Saturday) and Gordon did Stob an Eas by Hells Glen. So I managed to bag 8 Grahams over the 4 days.

Graham R


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