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Culardoch and Auchtavan day walk

A superb weather forecast and pent up enthusiasm meant that 22 people signed up for this day walk, probably a DHC record. The group was therefore split to keep within covid guidelines and the walk held on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 April.

We parked at Inver in the large layby on the A93 and followed the road and track up to Auchtavan. Here Robert gave a short history of the settlement explaining that an an outcrop of limestone meant the soils were fertile and supported people living in an exposed location at 460m.

We had a break at Auchtavan with more history about how the farmtoun had slowly been depopulated from 1750 to 1850.

There was a chance to look in the 18th century cruck framed cottage with hanging lum which is normally kept locked.

The group then headed off to Culardoch which at 900m is a corbett. (Robert left the group at Auchtavan on the Saturday). It was easy walking along tracks and a path through the heather to the summit. The views of the Ben Avon and Cairngorms were magnificent, the weather was as forecast with lots of sun on both days.

Friday Summit Picture

Saturday Summit Picture

After descending 200m from the summit through heather we picked up a track and had a lovely walk along a grassy track before dropping down to the cars at Inver. About 20km and 700m of ascent in total.

On the Friday both Graham and Paddy were on the walk and reported seeing or hearing green woodpecker, wheatear, stonechat, grey wagtail, merlin, kestrel catching a vole, peregrine, red kite, hen harrier plus many of the normal birds.

Some acrobatics from Ali on Saturday.....

Friday – Alan, Bob, Moira, Tim, Alison, Graham R, Peter, Kathy, Paddy, Linda, Robert B.

Saturday – Iain, Chris, Ali, Jane, Sandy, Irene, Robert S, Althea, Mary.



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