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Harris Weekend

Harris 3-6th May 2019

Harris is known for sandy beaches on the west coast.....

......and for rugged mountains in the north

....and in the east an area of amazing mini fjords with tiny hamlets or single cottages dotted here and there.

The objective of our long weekend visit here was to climb 'Clisham', the only Corbett on the Island, and hopefully one or two 'Grahams' as well.

Jane and Bob arrived a few days early to enjoy exploring by cycle.....

....and kayak and the wonderful camping spots by the beaches.

On Friday 3rd May, whilst the rest of the DHC group were on the afternoon ferry...

...Jane and Bob enjoyed climbing the rocky slabs of the Graham 'Tiorga Mor'.

After settling in to the hostel, Chris, Graham, Ali, Alan, Gillie, Hamish, Anna and Tony went for an evening stroll on Luskentyre beach.

On Saturday all 10 of us set off to place cars at either end of the spectacular ridge encompassing Mullach an Langa, Mulla Fo Thuath, Mulla Fo Dheas and Clisham. Not at all perturbed to see the wintry condition of our mountains......

.......we headed off across the snow covered bog. It certainly was an intresting and challenging crossing!

Despite concerns that we may be late for dinner, we had plenty time to shower and be at the Pier restaurant for a slap up meal.

On Sunday Jane and Bob headed to Lewis where they climbed a small hill and visited the Blackhouses, an ancient mill and the Callanish standing stones. [photos 19 +20]

Also on Sunday, the second group comprising Chris, Graham, Gillie, Alan and Hamish set off to climb the Graham "Tiorga Mor" initially in drizzly conditions but the rain soon cleared up. Hamish had decided to do a low level walk leaving Chris, Graham, Gillie and Alan to head off from Loch Chliostair dam up the long spur to the summit. The group met Hamish on the way down to the valley as he had decided to climb the Graham in the opposite direction. Chris carried on up to climb the second Graham, Oirebhal, doing the anti-clockwise circuit whilst the others returned to the cars with the intention of doing some birding on the way.

We all agreed we would like to return to this wild, remote yet beautiful Island to climb some more of its hills someday!


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