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Glenfinnan Weekend

DHC Glenfinnan weekend trip 22-24th March 2019

A select group of six – Chris, Graham ( Rebecca), Ruth, Steve Linda & Paddy – committed to the Glenfinnan weekend, hoping the weather would prove better than the forecast! Linda had secured the Rail car for our exclusive use, although it wasn’t scheduled to open for the season until the following weekend. It suited our small party very well.

Friday’s weather didn’t bode well, and only the intrepid Ruth and Steve fitted in a Corbett on the way over – the steep sided Beinn Iaruinn in Glen Roy. Linda and I had a pleasant stroll from the back of the rail car to the Glenfinnan viaduct.

The forecast was improving and by the Friday evening we’d all (more or less)

committed to climbing Streap on the Saturday, but on the morn, reality kicked in and Linda and I opted instead for the less committing Ardnish peninsula, following a “walkhighlands” route

….meeting an enthusiastic geologist on route

and then down…

to the ruined settlement and excellent bothy at Paenmeanach.

The real hillwalkers climbed Streap via Streap Conhlaidh, encountering enough fresh snow to enhance the views and while Graham returned via the corrie, where he spotted two Golden Eagles, Chris Ruth and Steve returned via the knife edge sporting route to Stob Coire nan Cearc.

On Saturday night we had an excellent meal at the Glenfinnan Lodge, but with a poorer forecast for Sunday there was little commitment until we’d see the dawn. Wind, rain, hail, sleet enough to send even Ruth back home to her allotment. Graham decided to make time for birdwatching nearer home so Chris was the only hero, setting out for Stob Coire a Chearcaill from the Loch Eil side. At one stage even he thought to retreat from the wind, but dogged determination conquered another Corbett.


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