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Wild camping at Fisherfield ? Not for us...

The wild camping weekend at Fisherfield, became let’s be dry and cosy and stay at the Pitlochry youth hostel instead. MWIS couldn’t predict exactly where it was going to rain, so rather than get wet at Fisherfield and possibly not be able to cross the river, we opted for Pitlochry. However the hardest navigation we had to do all weekend was finding our way to and from the hostel!!!

Saturday’s expedition (Susan, Chris, Ali, Ruth & Jane) was A’Chaoirnich and An Dun, the Corbett book describes these as two naked hills, but they weren’t naked they were covered in grass and heather! It also describes them as some of the steepest and most unrelenting hill slopes in Scotland, we can confirm they were. We cycled in from Dalnacardoch Lodge and left the bikes by Sronphadruig Lodge.

The weather was a bit mixed but by the time we got to the second summit we got views and we were lucky enough just to get back to the car before the heavens opened.

Sunday’s hill (Susan, Chris, Ali & Ruth) was Beinn Mheadhonach, again we used the bikes starting at Old Bridge of Tilt. We left the bikes at Gilbert’s Bridge and went through the diamond shaped hobbit hole in the fence and following the path along the banks for River Tilt.

This route was really pretty; we crossed a stone bridge over the Allt Mhairc which rushes through a dramatic narrow linn, we did throw a stick in and watch it come out the other side. Once we weaved our way through the valley, it was a long plod to the summit, but there was a rough path most of the way. There were several cairns on the summit ridge so we just walked the length of the ridge visiting every cairn, just to make sure we did reach the true summit.

Bridge selfie

The weather was very kind warm and sunny (see bridge selfie above), our timing was excellent and again we just made it back to the cars before it down poured.

It didn’t last for long so Ruth and I stopped for ice cream in Braemar


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