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Loch Ossian long weekend

Sunday 15th May - Wednesday 18th May 2016

7 signed up for this trip based at the truly lovely Loch Ossian youth hostel: Moira, Chris, Iain, Robert, Graham R, Susan and Ruth.

4 arrived on Sunday 15th on the 1808 train from Tulloch and headed straight into the Corrour Station House restaurant, which is now run by the estate who have employed a team of young people, who live there and do the cooking, waiting etc. The good news is that it is open all day now for meals, drinks, coffee etc .

(The not so good news is that they have done up the signal box into 3 rooms for B&B at £100 per night but we had a look at them and they are quite poky, though there is a communal sitting area in the upstairs glass area of the signal box. The staff now live in the rooms in the main building. )

The tough corbeteers Ruth and Susan were already at the hostel having had 2 days of camping, cycling, long walks to Corbetts and finally arriving at the hostel on the Road to the Isles. Corbetts climbed up to this point were Stob an Aonaich Mhoir, Beinn Mholach and Meall na Meoig. In the course of doing these hills they met fellow DHC-er Sandy Reid doing his own thing based at Duinish bothy.

Graham Rebecca arrived from Rannoch Station on the later train having failed to be fed at Rannoch Station Hotel as they no longer do bar meals (and not because he comes from Torry).

Monday 16th the Corbeteers target was Leum Uilleim followed by some birdwatching from Graham. Moira and Iain cycled to the end of the loch and bagged Beinn Eibhinn, Aonach Beag and Geal Charn. On the return Iain investigated the rather grand imposing Corrour lodge as a possible venue for his next special birthday.

Robert and Chris headed to Sgor Ghaibre and Carn Dearg with Chris getting back in plenty time for the 1524 train back to Tulloch.

Having previously done Gulvain on the Sunday he was now going to Sgurr Maoraich by Kinlochhourn. He has now only 10 left!

On Tuesday Ruth and Susan got an early train out to Rannoch to do the Corbett Beinn a' Chuallaich on the way home. Graham took the Road to the Isles and climbed Meall na Meoig. Moira tried to see the Red throated divers, which Graham had seen the previous day but failed. However she did see and hear plenty friendly dunlin.

Robert and Iain scaled Beinn na Lap then had a very good coffee and cake in the restaurant. Iain also found a 6 point antler.

3 of us then trained to Tulloch. Iain headed home and Moira and Robert had a night at Tulloch station hostel before climbing Stob Coire Maeadhoin and Stob Coire Easain on Wednesday.

All in all a successful weekend, if only slightly marred by the hostel being full, unusual for a Monday night but affected by many TGO-ers passing through!


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