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Ullapool Weekend

The weekend started well when we all arrived at the Forest Way bunkhouse, just south of Ullapool to find it was a great little place. It only had 8 beds, but has everything you need and an extremely helpful and knowledgeable owner.

There were only 6 of us from the DHC and the other two beds were taken from some friendly gentlemen from Forfar, one of whom is about to be the first Scottish inhabitant to complete the Marilyns. Inspiration indeed!

The weather on Saturday was mixed, and saw Ali and Susan summit Beinn Enaiglair, nearby the hostel via a roundabout route which took longer in snow than expected but they stayed dry. The rest of us – Marina, Sandy, Shona and myself chose Canisp and got all seasons , leaving us quite wet by the end. A great day’s walking though.

Summit Canisp

We all got back to the bunkhouse in good time for tea, cake, more cake, and a cryptic crossword which kept Ali and myself amused for the rest of the day, and sent the rest of the group off to their bunks for a snooze through boredom I think !

Supper was at the Ceilidh Place following by a few dances to a pretty dreadful band in the Arch Inn at Ullapool – all good fun and Sandy kindly taxied – thanks sandy !

The Sunday saw all except Ali ( who had the small matter of the Inverness half marathon to keep her occupied ) head down to the Fannichs and take on Craig Rainich. It was a lovely day, very mild and excellent views across to all the surrounding hills. Sandy and Susan headed back via the undulating ridge whilst the rest of us headed down the direct route, back to the car and straight on to Tiso’s for coffee, and more cake !

Craig Rainich pictures

An excellent weekend, decent weather for the spring - in a perfect wee bunkhouse.


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