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Morven Mystery

Nine set off on the mystery walk on Saturday the 12th of December. (Bob, Jane, Ruth, Susan, Sandy, Angelika, Moira, Colin and Gordon.)

The most difficult part of the day was probably driving to the car park. It had been frosty overnight but it was only when came out of the pass of Ballater and tried to stop at the junction of the main road did we fine out how frosty and icy it was. The road up to Gairnshiel and to the car park at the burn of Glenfenzie was very icy and and to add to the problem on the steepest part of the road cattle decided to cross.

It was calm, cold and clear with grey skies as we set off about 9am. We headed up Scraulac and across to Mona Gowan.

There was soft snow on the ground but fairly easy walking. The ground was more difficult as we made our way across to Morven but eased once we were on the hill. The cloud had lowered and visibility was poor so we followed the fence posts to the summit. The view was limited to the cairn nearby.

After lunch we headed down to the nearest Land Rover track and although the track was icy in places we had a pleasant walk back. (Well apart from the 3 stream crossings and the snow shower!)

We arrived back about 4pm pleasantly tired!!


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