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The Eagle Has Landed

The weather turned out to be much better than the forecast earlier in the week suggested with the winds much lighter. 14 of us went up Morven from the NE on Sunday 13/2/22 : Bob, Jane,Ken, Alison, James, Sandra, Irene, Robert, Gordon, Anna, Tim, Graham, Donald and Chris. We squeezed all the cars into the small layby on the Migvie road, then crossed the main road near the entrance gates to Tillypronie to gain the track through the woods heading up towards Morven. After a while the track reaches the edge of the woods, then crosses the open moorland on the north side of Morven. The view to the north below the clouds was clear. There was some debate on the names of the hills on the distant skyline with consensus eventually being reached. We arrived at the outcrop of Preas Whin and had a stop for an early elevenses. Some taking shelter in the shooting hut and some opting for outdoors. Next to the hut is an interesting metal sculpture of an eagle.

We had a team photo next to the eagle DHC had a walk here in 2009 and Moira provided this picture of the 2009 trip. There's a few people who made both trips !

Our route then went steeply up the north side of Morven to the summit. The summit was in the cloud and exposed to the wind so we only stayed long enough to write in the summit book and take a team summit photo.

We descended down the east ridge then of Morven and found some shelter for a lunch stop. Our route back took the broad ridge heading north to Craig Walgan where we picked up the track by some shooting butts that lead down through the woods back to where we started. A good walk and the round trip was about 16km with just over 700m of asce Bob


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