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Glenfinnan Weekend

The weekend 17-19th June of strenuous and enjoyable Corbett claiming was enjoyed by Ali, Susan, Jane, Sandy, Graham, Gordon and me (Tim). Five of us were based at the sleeping car at Glenfinnan Station, with Gordon using his campervan both nights, and Jane using the sleeping car on Friday, but her own campervan on Saturday. Both campervans found discreet and free parking somewhere, and these sites are not recorded.

On Friday Gordon climbed Stob a’Bhealach an Sgriodain (Druim Tarsuinn), having travelled across on Thursday evening, and Sandy and I climbed Sgurr an Utha, in good weather, having left a cold, damp and dreary Donside. Graham visited Glen Roy and climbed the single Carn Dearg on his journey over. Jane climbed Meall a’ Phubuill on Friday, and met Jimmy Jardine, who has written about the early meteorologists of Ben Nevis and was given the book by him. Having left home on Thursday, in the new campervan, she also climbed Sgurr Innse.

We arrived at the sleeping car in dribs and drabs, we were first, then Gordon, then Jane, who both joined us for dinner, and later Graham, and Ali and Susan. Plots and plans were made for Saturday, and finally agreed that all seven would go to Beinn Odhar Bheag and Beinn Mhic Cedidh.

Saturday dawned fine and we set off in good time, crossing the railway at the access about 1.5km east of Loch Eilt. Then the climbing started.

It was a very good route up and round onto B. Odhar Mhor (lower than B. Odhar Bheag), and as we approached a hen ptarmigan and chicks were spotted, getting away from us, quickly. On the summit we studied the old, circular, disintegrating triangulation station. We then went on to the first Corbett of the day, and now the wind died down, and the sun shone so it was time to have lunch and relax.

Later we were off again down 400m and up 300m to B. Mhic Cedidh.

A short stop here and then the route down to the north finally curving to the east to spot the target, an ATV track, which lead to the railway and then to the road, where we completed the last, dangerous, kilometre of our day. Back to the sleeping car for tea and cake, showers, beer, and a walk down to Glenfinnan House Hotel for a good dinner.

For Sunday we had a plan that all except Graham, who climbed Sgurr an Utha so that he could get back to Deeside in good time where some ouzel chicks were about to fledge and he wanted to ring them (which he completed), would get off in good time and climb Streap, by an undescribed route. The sky was very overcast, cloud at c. 550m, and rain promised for early afternoon. So we set off to climb Steep Streap, up Glen Finnan to the col, then round to scramble up the northerly ridge of the hill, an interesting route, steep, rocky in parts, and slippery, and leading happily to the summit, in the cloud and wind. This done we went roughly south-west along the ridge....

...devoid of good views, to find a sheltered spot for some lunch; not a patch on the day before. Afterwards, now clad in heavy weather gear, and with concentrated navigation, down to the glen and the (desire for bikes) trek out to the car park, in the rain. Safely to the cars, changed to dry shirts, and set off home, after a good weekend, somewhat unusual in that we were one party on Saturday, and only one on his own on Sunday.


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