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Tulloch Station Weekend

DHC's first weekend of 2015 was preceded by a horrendous weather forecast predicting high winds and torrential rain. Nevertheless 14 committed walkers came to Tulloch station over 6-8 March.

On day one 2 groups set out and unfortunately the forecast was largely correct!

5 of us (Moira, Robert B, Bob & David) headed for Beinn a Chaorainn and Beinn Tealleach expecting to turn back at some point but despite rain, wind and snow underfoot managed to complete the 2 munros by 5pm .

Setting out on Saturday

Spot the Ptarmigans on Beinn a Chaorainn

And the second Saturday group (Chris, Robert S, Susan, Jane & Ruth) had a rather tougher time attempting the two Innses (corbetts Cruach Innse & Sgurr Innse). Good test for the waterproofs.

We managed to make the summit of Cruach Innse - below attempting to shelter from the extreme wind.

..carried on to bealach but decided it would not be safe to attempt the second rocky looking Innse so we turned back for early tea and cakes.

On Sunday at least 3 separate groups set out with various targets as weather started off a lot better.

Below is An Dubh Lochan at start of Sunday's walk where a group of 5 attempted the 2 munros to west of Loch Treig, Stob a Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easain.

A very steep, snow covered, and not-quite-frozen-enough step proved a challenge on the way up Mheadhoin.

Here's the snowy step viewed at end of the day from walk-in.

3 sensibly decided to turn back and leave it for another day, but 2 carried on and managed to complete the walk in pretty good winter conditions, as seen below.

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