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Up The Ladder

22nd January 2022

Eight of us Tim,Graham N, Moira, Iain, Irene,Donald, Robert B and myself set out to do a circuit on the Ladder hills from Glenbuchat. We followed the road past Auchernach and the lost Gallery to Duffdefiance. From there we picked up a path past Finlate hill and towards Dun Muir. The path shown on the map heading up to Dun Muir did not exist and a bit of heather bashing was required. The wind was picking up as we approached the corbett Carn Mor. Approaching the top at 799 the wind increased. Tim and Moira took the sensible decision to go down to the Allt Slochd Chaimbeil. The rest of us carried on towards Carn Liath and then The Socach. However, approaching The Socach we could see a line of peat hags on our route. Not to be deterred we carried on and followed a fairly new fence going through the middle of the hags. It was slow progress but the fence line was good.

The wind had dropped and the sun came through as we followed a good track down from the top.

As we headed down we met Tim and Moira who had taken a rather easier route. We had a straightforward walk back in sunshine which made an excellent end to a fairly tough day.


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