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3 Remote Corbetts and a Graham from Poolewe. 28/31 August 2020

The weather window we had been looking out for appeared for the weekend of August 28 – 31, so 5 DHC friends, Sandy, Graham, Alan, Susan and Jane set off for Poolewe with the intention of climbing 3 remote Corbetts and a Graham. On the way across we met at the Old Mill Inn, Gairloch for a late lunch , followed by tea and cake at Poolewe and were ready to set off by bike and walking with our heavy sacks at 4pm on the Friday evening.

The scenery became more spectacular and full of rainbows as we travelled towards the western edge of Fisherfield.

The stalkers path was easy to follow but tough in places for the bikes having to negotiate wide drainage channels.

We chose a campsite high above the river in the [futile] hope of catching a breeze and escaping the midges.

The weather window was not as good as hoped for so Beinn Lair was climbed in the mist and rain.

However as we climbed Meall Mheinnidh the skies cleared and by the time we reached our 3rd peak, Beinn Airigh Charr, we were treated to magnificent views.

Alan and Sandy climbed the first 2 hills then returned to camp. Alan intended walking out next day and Sandy had a cunning plan to climb Airigh Charr on his way out to a hotel meal and another hill the following day.

Jane, Susan and Graham climbed Beinn Chaisgein Mor on the second day and camped a 3rd night. The first part of the day we had challenging conditions of warm mist and midges.

Fortunately once again the weather cleared later in the day and we were treated to more beautiful views and enjoyed some relaxing by the loch.

Supper of midge stew was eaten hastily before retiring [escaping ] early.

Jane Elder


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