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DHC Day Walk - Glen Clova

Sunday 19th November 2023

Ten of us (Steve, Ruth, Moira, Robert, Susan, Steve, Alison, Iain, Bob and Jane) had a pleasant winter walk in Glen Clova.  The weather was dry, cool and cloudy with the tops covered in mist.  For 9 of us our route took us up Ben Tirran, The Goet, Green Hill and down past Loch Brandy to the Glen Clova Hotel.  Jane did a shorter, lower level route over Rough Craig and met us at the Glen Clova Hotel.

The Glen Clova Hotel served us tea and scones in the Brandy Bothy which had a roaring wood burning stove.  We’d done some car shuttling before setting off for the walk so that we didn’t need to walk along the road from the Glen Clova Hotel back to the cars at the Adielinn Plantation where we’d started the walk.

The Goet Summit

Lunch stop on the way over to Green Hill

Loch Brandy

Heading down past Loch Brandy to tea and scones at the Glen Clova Hotel

Writtrn by Bob Elder


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