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Strathcarron Weekend

Friday 29 July - Sunday 31 July 2016

Lots of apologies for this weekend due to the holiday period, however 4 of us were able to attend, Ali, Susan, Graham N, and me (Shona). We spent both nights at Gerry’s (no longer with us) Bothy in Craig. But we met Simon, Gerry’s son! Goodness he looks so like his father with his long bushy beard. And the place was so much cleaner!

Graham went off on his own on Saturday morning to bag Blaven in Skye, his penultimate munro. He managed the ascent quickly and arrived back at the hostel much earlier than we did. So when is the final munro party Graham?

Ali, Susan and I went off to do Aonach Buidhe from Killilan. And we certainly needed our bikes. We cycled in (took us about an hour) to Iron Bridge and left our bikes there. A steep and sweaty ascent but we got to the top in good time. Disappointingly, the summit was clagged in.

But the weather didn’t hamper our enthusiasm! After a quick discussion, we decided to be bold and bag Faochaig. Steep descent to the bealach and then followed a ‘path’ up towards the summit. Another clagged in summit! The descent was long but we came out at Carnach. Only problem was that our bikes were 2 kms further up the glen. Thank goodness Susan suggested dumping our rucksacks and collecting them on the way back. A lovely cycle out. About 9 hours for both hills.

Next day the 4 of us decided to do Beinn Dronaig. Graham had brought his bike and we didn’t deprive him of using it! Set off from Attadale.....and what a cycle! Although the track was supposed to be a land rover track, the Hydro scheme vehicles had created a scar on the landscape.

However the cycle was interesting! Lots of undulations and I admit that I had to get off and push at times. Well, actually, we all had to do this at points.

Arrived at Beinn Dronaig Lodge and what a lovely bothy it is. With a flushing toilet! (but we had to get water from the burn to fill the cistern!). Directly up the hill, steep but shortish. Navigating the clagged in plateau was interesting. Lots of ups and downs and eventually (thought we’d never get there) we arrived at the summit.

Back to the bothy and a cycle out. Interesting cycle/walk with some bike maintenance on the way out and the way in! (Ali and Graham’s bikes) Also a bit of breaking and entering! (into the hydro scheme contractor’s yard - much quicker descent to the car park) As well as a bit of trespassing! (weren’t sure how to get out of the yard!) And Graham came across a bull that took a fancy to him, but he handled the situation well by legging it back to the car park, leaving us in his wake to deal with the spurned bull! Certainly wasn’t a boring weekend.


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