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Glenfinnan weekend

This was a challenging outing, because the weather was up to MWIS pessimism standards, to be wet and windy all weekend. It proved largely correct.

Linda, Paddy, Susan, Neil, Graham, Iain, Peter and Tim arrived at the Sleeper car at Glenfinnan station in the early evening on Friday. Susan, Graham, Neil and Tim had arrived on the south side of Loch Eil to climb Stob Coire a’Chearcaill via a Walkhighlands route. We were off at about 1200hr in dry weather and a promise of bad weather which arrived just after we got to the ridge, Braigh Bhlaich. The light rain started and the wind increased, and increased, and increased, giving rise to many inadvertent side steps, but fortunately no falls. Finally to the summit, then as hasty a retreat as was possible.

At the sleeper car we soon got the place warmed up, showers taken, and dinner on the way. Good dinners were had by all.

On Saturday Susan and Graham went off to climb Meall a’ Phubuill, which they did with not quite the wetness of Friday, but disturbingly found the bothy to be occupied by blokes who had driven up to it in a jeep. Not the sort of thing that mountain bothies are for.

Iain and Peter likewise had a relatively good outing around two Munros, Sgurr Thuilm and Sgurr nan Coireachan (photos to follow), getting back just in time for a shower and out to Glenfinnan House Hotel for some dinner, which went down well, inspite of more rain! The others took gentle pursuits for the day, and, indeed, some had an afternoon nap.

Up early on Sunday, and away in quite good time, Iain and Peter to home, (it was Peter’s first major, nasty weather outing, I think), Graham and Susan to Dalnaspidal where the weather forecast was much better, Neil and self to Meall a’ Phubuill, and Linda and Paddy to ? It was damp setting off by the new hydro scheme works, and a lot of the forest roads had been “improved” to take the heavy construction traffic. At the start of the steep uphill the rain started, so we enjoyed about an hour of sweaty work inside heavy weather gear, to get to the summit at c. 1130hr. No views, the rain continued, and we descended, to be rewarded with a view of the hill when we had reached the level of the bothy (and much earlier we had been affronted by a jeep with fat tyres and two blokes inside, looking pleased with themselves). Then back to the car park, changed just in time before a very heavy shower, and away home.

Susan on Sunday's outing at summit of Meall na Leitreach.

I had no reports from the others, but silence indicates that they are all safe. And they may have photos!


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