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A Very Soggy Day Walk!

Saturday 4th December 2021

Six of us, Ruth, Susan, Robert, Chris, Kenny, myself, and Dan the dog met on Saturday 4th December at 8am in Aboyne carpark. We were hoping to drive up to Glen Clunie and climb An Socach via the Baddoch Burn. However, the weather window of the previous evening had disappeared by then and the forecast was for snow all day with winds of 40mph gusting to 50/60.

So, plan B was put into action and we headed off from the carpark to Carnferg, short cutting through Steve’s garden and along by the river! We took the Fungle track to the guard then through some delightful forest, clambering at times over branches of trees that had broken off during Storm Arwen.

A quick picnic stop before heading out of the forest and into the wind. We zigzagged up the hill attempting to avoid the thickest heather and stopped just long enough for a photo at the summit – a dizzy 525m!

No views so heads down as we descended the south westerly ridge.

We then made our way over point 466 and on to Baudy Meg stopping for a second brief picnic before crossing the track.

Finally, we headed NE off the top of Baudy Meg down to a track back to the Guard, the Fungle and Aboyne.

We had snow, sleet wind and rain and no views. We all agreed though that we’d had a good walk and had thoroughly enjoyed being out!!

Jane Elder


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